FAQ's - Bioscience Postdoc Educational Leadership Program


  1. When will I hear whether I've gotten a spot in the program?
    Winter Quarter Applications are due December 14. All applicants will be notified the week of December 14-17 if they will be offered a Winter program slot, or if they should try again next year. 

  2. What are the criteria for choosing postdocs?
    Because this program requires a significant time commitment, we assume that all candidates have a strong desire to enhance their teaching and educational leadership skills. Therefore, for the benefit of the postdoc, we try to match their expertise with the Block course material as closely as possible because we don't want to add the burden of additional studying to the program requirements. Given similar backgrounds, we might also preferentially offer a spot to a postdoc who is currently on the faculty job market over a postdoc who has just started at UCLA. We can usually accommodate interested postdocs in their first or second year of application.

  3. I'm a postdoc in the biosciences, but my expertise does not overlap either the Fall or Winter course material. Is there a similar program in my field?
    The M252/M262 courses were chosen because they represent a broad range of bioscience and biomedical research; however, the course material is not inclusive of all the potential bioscience disciplines. If you would like to register an interest in participating in a similar program in a different field, please email the director, Lynn Talton to indicate your interest. If there is enough demand to fill another quarter, we will look to expand the program.

  4. I have a conflict on [certain date(s)] during the Block that is most closely in my area of expertise. Can I still participate?
    We are looking for postdocs that can fully commit to the 3-week Block portion of the training. However, at the end of the online application, there is a comment box where you can describe your situation to the reviewer, and they will make a recommendation based on that information.