Jenny Link Chen

Jenny Link Chen

2016 IRACDA Cohort

Poster award@2018 IRACDA conference

I have been passionate about and committed to scientific research and education for several years. Currently, I am working in the laboratory of Dr. Thomas Vallim, studying how bile acids, which are metabolites derived from cholesterol, interact with the body in health and disease. I received my Ph.D. in Molecular Biology under the excellent training of Dr. Karen Reue at UCLA. My doctoral thesis work focused on sex differences in obesity and related metabolic disorders. As a graduate student, I worked for the Undergraduate Research Center, helping students find research opportunities and convey their work to their peers. Because I enjoy communicating science to people of all ages, I volunteer at the Natural History Museum of LA County on weekends.


By becoming a professor dedicated to both research and education, I aim to increase scientific literacy among our future generations, and further our understanding of human health.