Juliet R. Girard

Juliet R. Girard

2017 IRACDA Cohort

Current Position:

Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts Boston


I grew up in the urban jungles of New Jersey and went to college on the east coast before pursuing the wonders of the west in graduate school. I received my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from University of California San Francisco in 2015 under the supervision of Dr. David Morgan. In my PhD thesis I studied the biochemistry of the cell division. I am currently working in the lab of Dr. Utpal Banerjee, studying the genetics of blood cell development in fruit flies. My current project looks at developmental control of cell division in blood progenitors. When I’m not in lab, I really enjoy going to museums and cooking.

My experience learning from wonderful teachers and mentors throughout my education has inspired me to want to create a similar supportive, inclusive environment in my teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students. I hope to become a professor at an institution that primarily serves undergraduates.