Greg Gedman

Michelle Gibbs

2021 IRACDA Corhort

I grew up in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and received my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Miami University in Ohio.  I received my PhD in Microbiology from Ohio State University in the lab of Dr. Kurt Fredrick.  My PhD research focused on characterizing roles of conserved GTPases in ribosome assembly.  I was awarded an NIH-funded T32 predoctoral fellowship for my research and a departmental teaching award for excellence in teaching undergraduates. Before coming to UCLA, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the National Institutes of Health under Dr. Alan Hinnebusch and Dr. Jon Lorsch, studying how regulatory proteins in yeast alter translation in response to nutrient starvation.  At UCLA, I am performing research in Dr. Guillaume Chanfreau’s lab, studying regulation of translation in response to metal starvation. I plan to pursue a faculty career that combines life science research with teaching at the university level.