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Bioscience Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office

The Office of Bioscience Postdoctoral Affairs serves postdoctoral scholars in the David Geffen School of Medicine and biosciences-affiliated disciplines throughout UCLA. We provide resources and training for bioscientists, including professional development, fellowship writing, wellness and resiliency, teaching, and ethics and responsible conduct of research.

Geffen Hall

Geffen Hall, Suite 300
Phone: 310-825-1391
For an appointment or questions,
email: GradPostdoc@mednet.ucla.edu

The Team

Gregory Payne, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Graduate Education, Life Sciences, UCLA Associate Dean, Bioscience Graduate and Postdoctoral Education, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Director, Graduate Programs in Bioscience Professor, Biological Chemistry, UCLA

Lynn Talton, Ph.D.

Director of Bioscience Postdoc Affairs; Program Coordinator for IRACDA

Letty Treviño

Assistant Director for Inclusion Initiatives