IRACDA Research and Teaching Faculty Mentor

About IRACDA Mentorship

IRACDA Scholars are mentored by UCLA research faculty, CSULA faculty, and UCLA program leadership. UCLA research mentors are identified during the application period. CSULA faculty, who will serve as teaching mentors, are identified following the interview process. Teaching mentors support IRACDA Scholars in applying what they are learn in the teaching development training courses and workshops to the classroom.  They also provide IRACDA Scholars feedback during their teaching practicum to help enhance their skills as effective teachers.

Most UCLA faculty members in the Biosciences are eligible to become a research mentor for IRACDA fellows. The list below represents only a subset of approved faculty.

For more information about research opportunities at UCLA or with inquiries about specific UCLA faculty as prospective mentors, applicants should email the IRACDA Program Director, Michael Carey.

CSULA IRACDA Teaching Mentors

Nathan Lanning

IRACDA Teaching Mentor Assistant Professor Department of Biological Sciences College of Natural and Social Sciences Cal State Los Angeles
(323) 343-2092

ASCL 317

Jamil Momand

IRACDA Teaching Mentor Professor Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Cal State Los Angeles
(323) 343-2361

Office Location: La Kretz Hall, Annenberg, Wallis Integrated Science Complex 270
Laboratory Location: La Kretz Hall Annenberg, Wallis Integrated Science Complex 247 & 248

Katrina Yamazaki

IRACDA Program Coordinator & Teaching Mentor Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

ASCB 323E, ext: 3-2086

UCLA IRACDA Research Mentors

FacultyDepartmentResearch Interest
Keriann Backus, Ph.D.BCChemical Proteomics
Utpal Banerjee, Ph.D.MCDBSignaling and Metabolic Control of Development
Douglas Black, Ph.D.MIMGNeuronal Gene Expression Through Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing
Michael Carey, Ph.D.BCEnhancer-Promoter Crosstalk in Gene Regulation
Guillaume Chanfreau, Ph.D.BiochemRNA Processing and RNA-Protein Interactions
Heather Christofk, Ph.D.BCCancer Metabolomics
Amander Clark, Ph.D.MCDBHuman Embryonic Stem Cells and Lineage Differentiation
Cathy Clarke, Ph.D.BiochemBiosynthesis and Function of Coenzyme Q
Steven Clarke, Ph.D.BiochemBiochemistry of Aging and Posttranslational Modifications of Proteins
Hilary Coller, Ph.D.BC, MCDBCellular Networks of Quiescence
Stephanie Correa, Ph.D.IBPNeuronal Control of Metabolism and Body Temperature
Rachelle Crosbie-Watson, Ph.D.IBP, NeurologyPathogenic Mechanisms of Muscular Dystrophy
Luis De La Torre-Ubieta, Ph.D.PBSMechanisms of Neuronal Morphogenesis
Edward De Robertis, M.D., Ph.D.BCMolecular Biology of Development
David S. Eisenberg, Ph.D.BCProtein Structure, Folding and Design
Juli Feigon, Ph.D.BiochemNucleic Acid Structures and Complexes
Oliver Fregoso, Ph.D.MIMGHIV Pathogenesis
Daniel Geschwind, M.D., Ph.D.NeurologyDevelopmental Neurogenetics
Andrew Goldstein, Ph.D.MCDB, UrologyHuman Prostate Cancer and Androgens
Elissa Hallem, Ph.D.MIMG The Neural Basis of Parasitic Nematode Behavior
Alexander Hoffmann, Ph.D.MIMG, QCBioModeling of Signaling Networks in Immune System
Elaine Hsiao, Ph.D.IBPEffects of Microbiota on the Nervous System and their Relations to Disease
Steven Jacobsen, Ph.D.MCDBMechanisms of Epigenetic Gene Regulation by DNA Methylation
Patricia Johnson, Ph.D.MIMGEvolution, Pathogenesis & Cell Biology of A Human Parasite
Tracy Johnson, Ph.D.MCDBCo-Transcriptional mRNA Processing
Scott Kitchen, Ph.D.MedicineHIV Immunotherapy
Carla Koehler, Ph.D.BiochemMitochondrial Biogenesis/Protein Import Into Mitochondria
Nathan Kraft, Ph.D.EEBCommunity Ecology, Biogeography, Ecophysiology, and Phylogenetics
Leonid Kruglyak, Ph.D.HG, BCGenetic Basis of Complex Phenotypes
Siavash Kurdistani, M.D.BCGenomic Studies of Chromatin Biology
Melody Li , Ph.D.MIMGInterferon Signaling and Host Immunity
Aldons Lusis, Ph.D.HGThe Analysis of Complex Genetic Diseases
Kelsey Martin, M.D., Ph.D.BCCell Biology of Learning-Related Synaptic Plasticity
Heather Maynard, Ph.D.BiochemChemical Biology
Jeff F. Miller, Ph.D.MIMGSensory Transduction in the Control of Bacterial Virulence
Ketema Paul, Ph.D.IBPSleep Homeostasis
Kathrin Plath, Ph.D.BCEpigenetic Regulation of Stem Cell Differentiation
Gina Poe, Ph.D.IBPSleep and Memory
Margot Quinlan, Ph.D.BiochemDynamics of the Actin Cytoskeleton
Jose Rodriguez, Ph.D.BiochemStructural and Computational Biology
Amy Rowat, Ph.D.IBPExtracellular Matrix and Cell Morphogenesis
Alvaro Sagasti, Ph.D.MCDBSensory Axon and Skin Development in Zebrafish
Stephen Smale, Ph.D.MIMG Transcriptional Regulation in the Immune System
Michael Teitell, M.D., Ph.D.PathSignaling Rheostats & Epigenetics in Immune System Development
Peter Tontonoz, M.D., Ph.D.PathRegulation of Lipids by Nuclear Hormone Receptors
Jorge Torres, Ph.D.BiochemMicrotubule Spindle and Misregulation During Cell Division
Aradhna Tripati, Ph.D.IoESEnvironmental Biology and Human Health
Thomas Vallim, Ph.D.Biochem/Medicine Identifying Molecular Regulators of Pathways that Control Lipid Metabolism in Health and Disease
Claudio Villanueva, Ph.D.IBPIntegrative Metabolism and Physiology in Adipocytes
Robert Wayne, Ph.D.EEBMechanisms Underlying Adaptation & Genome Evolution
Stephanie White, Ph.D.IBPFoxP2 and Vocal Communication
Owen Witte, M.D.MIMGHematopoietic and Epithelial Cancers and the Immune Response
Pamela Yeh, Ph.D.BBEEvolution of drug resistance in bacteria
S. Lawrence Zipursky, Ph.D.BCMolecular Mechanisms Regulating Neuronal Connections