Jamie Lucarelli

2023 IRACDA Corhort

As a child, I moved frequently and attended five high schools throughout Arizona and Illinois. After high school, I obtained a cosmetology license and worked as a hair stylist in Arizona and California. I began attending Los Angeles City College while working full time and completed the necessary courses to transfer to UCLA. At UCLA, I received my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Master of Science in Geochemistry, and Ph.D. in Geochemistry. While at UCLA, I have received awards for research and teaching including the Cota-Robles Fellowship, Office of the President’s Dissertation Year Fellowship, and an Excellence in Teaching Award. My doctoral thesis focused on the ultra-low abundance molecules of carbonate (CO3) that contain at least two heavy isotopes. I used the abundance of these ultra-rare molecules for paleoclimate reconstructions, to understand how carbonate minerals transform from amorphous phases into crystals, and to examine kinetic isotope effects caused by CO2 hydration and hydroxylation. As an IRACDA Fellow, I will continue to use cutting-edge applications of this method by examining the effects of increasing CO2 concentrations on coral skeletons, geologic sites of interest for permanent storage of CO2, and the potential to use speleothems for temperature reconstructions.


My long-term career goals include continuing to push the limits of mass spectrometry in multi-isotope systems. I hope to obtain a faculty position that allows me to provide research mentorship to budding scientists from diverse backgrounds.